As evening approaches and a dry, cool air rises from the eastern Colorado plains, its easy to imagine Cadillac Jacks entertaining tourists from around the world. In a building lined with 2x10s from an old corral, Cadillac Jacks is an antique and collectable store right out of the late nineteenth century. Everything here smacks of rough adventure and tough times out on the plains.

Our business practices are old fashioned too — little advertising is done. You won't see fancy cash registers either, in fact we use an old 1907 National Brass #333. You will, however, see orders from around the world being filled and shipped.

We try to keep a little bit of the old west alive, from brass buckles to steer skulls, its all here at Cadillac Jack's.

And while you are shopping, next door is a convenience store, A-1 Speedylube & Tune, and RV Park.

Seafarer Statue


General antiques include everything from lots of metal advertising signs dating back to the 1800s to old Atwater Kent tube radios to the newer Coca Cola radios. Other unique items include ignition wrenches for Model T's, a variety of old tangled cameras and tin type photos, and some Mills' and Jennings' slot machines from 1922 to 1938 including a variety of antique slot machine glass from old Las Vegas and Reno slot machines. You'll even find old-time coin operated devices, brass cash registers, and 1930s filling station gas pump globes, as well as neon signs of all types. There is truly something for everyone — of every age and occupation — at Cadillac Jack's Trading Post. If we don't have it, we can probably locate it for you. We are affiliated with a nationwide exchange service; for instance, if you are seeking a hard-to-find, hand-operated gasoline pump on wheels from the early 1900s, we can probably locate one for you through the exchange service.

Ronald McDonald Statue


At Cadillac Jack's you have to look in every direction to see the thousands of items on display.

Toy Wagon, Disco Ball, Tonka Tractor and Lots of Toys


Cadillac Jack's has a variety of merchandise from antiques to collectables including nautical items collected from various ports around the world: there's an original six-foot diameter ship's wheel from the ship "Fast Jack" and a solid brass compass used to keep the ship on course. Plan to spend an hour or two at this unusual country store — it will take that long to see all of the goodies!

Six-Foot Diameter Ship's Wheel
Antique Glassware More antique Glassware


Cadillac Jack's offers a large selection of glassware. You will find depression glass, Heisey, Fenton and more, plus a large collection of perfume bottles, powder dishes and vanity trays. The perfume bottles include atomizers, fancy glass stopper tops and even the huge dummy bottles seen at upscale department stores.